Tyl Destoop

Tyl Destoop

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First Name * Tyl
Last Name * Destoop
Username * Stylegraphics
Country * France
City Montreuil-en-Caux
Nationality Belgian
Languages DutchEnglishFrenchGerman



Availability: Freelance
Website www.stylegraphics.be


I'm a graphic designer - illustrator - 2D animator - indie gamedeveloper.
Live in Normandy - France
I have a need to create, so in my limited spare time I position myself behind my Cintiq to do some painting. In the first place for fun and second to become a more complete artist. I'm always watching the better artists, trying to figure out how they do there art. I try to do screencapture vids from all my digital paintings, for my own enjoyment and others.


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